Friday, August 8, 2008

Bling- "The Music Experience"

The much anticipated new mixtape from Bling. I haven't got a chance to listen to this one yet but I can't wait.


The vlog...
Welcome To "The Music Experience"



Anonymous said...

I have yet to get a chance to download this, but its on my to do list. ATTN: RAPPERS...Listen to Bling and try ya hardest to get that good, it may not happen, but at least you wont suck as bad as you already do.

9/8/08 Mike Game "Reckless Abandon", I cant let Royalty have all the fun.

Bling, Vizzy, keep making classics.

-Mike Game: King MC

Anonymous said...

Yo Its Bling, If you havn't downloaded the new mixtape yet...I hope you all get the chance too...Im not saying download this because it me...Im saying download this because I really put my all into this mixtape, and its great music. You will learn alot about me...I hope everyone gets the chance to get this. I want to thank everyone out there who supports hip-hop and Im going to keep it coming.

Mike Game: King MC said...

For sho nigga, I know I was on some hater shit in the past, but I had to grow up and see the bigger picture. And no matter who makes it, how I feel bout em or whatever, I cant deny good music. And the Royalty camp delivers.