Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving from your boys at ICTHipHop. If you get tired of watching the Lions catch that ass beating hit me or JTong up on xbox live and YOU can catch that ass beating in Madden.

Thank you all for visiting and participating in the site. We really appeciate your support. With out all of you this site isn't possible. THANK YOU!

KWill- XBL: GetUmHigh
JTong- XBL: UAintNoGangsta

Have a happy and safe holiday.

Yung Drip- We Run This ft. Young Markie

Yung Drip teaming with Young Markie to claim a vacant ICT throne.

Anyone care to rebuttal?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mike Game- Go Hard

Back from the dead is Mike Game. Here's a new one.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hi Poynt Studios- Video: Swag Like Mine

BANGER from those Juction City boys Hi Poynt.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why You Gotta Be Anonymous?

Sorry for the Bobby Valentino reference... Lately, "Anonymous" post have flooded the site with ignorant and stupid comments. To stop this and keep the integrity of the site KWill and I have decided to only allow comments from registered users. Most of you guys already have a registered name, but this will stop the "impostors" from talking reckless.

Thank You,

JTong & KWill

Corey Jay- Whip Game

Corey Jay- Whip Game

Kae Wun & DJ 3- I'ma Boss

MORE new Kae Wun

Kae Wun- I'ma Boss

Bowling > Trappin'

Taw Town Heavyweightz- Fight Night Mixtape

Taw Town Heavyweightz- Fight Night Mixtape

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kae Wun & DJ 3- Illest Doin It

New Kae Wun, and more new Kae Wun to come later. This one is CRAAAAZY.

Kae Wun- Illest Doin' It

PLUS Run ICT shirts out very soon. Want one? Holla at your boy

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kae Wun- I'm Real

Wow... looks like Kae didn't take kindly to someone :::cough:::: bizniz kid :::cough::: calling him fake...

By the way, NEW label name, and new mixtape "Real Talk" coming soon

Big Cliff- Swagger Like Gov

Lastly today, Big Cliff on the Swaggin' track, putting out $500 for who ever wants to get at him in a battle, money upfront though...
Baller Season Dropping 11-27-08

Rookie- They Dont Know Ft Feezy

Jay Da Block- We Really Do Dis

Get Down or Lay Down coming soon with new tracks weekly.

Stringer Barksdale- Forget About Me

Next up, Stringer coming out announcing some problems that have been bugging him lately. Basically, come direct and real or don't come at all.

TawTown Heavyweightz- Get Dat (Get Loose)

Alright this has been a busy day for ICTHIPHOP (KWill and I have been busy)*, first up is TTH with a club joint.

**Warning: Song does NOT involve Mike Game**

Friday, November 14, 2008

Young Markie & Kel- New Tracks

Mouths 2 Feed dropping 12-24-08
(Merry Christmas Bitches)


XV- Wichita Show Club Liquid

Loser Mind


V for Vendetta

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Young Markie- "Show The Club What U Working Wit" Promo Video

New Young Markie. Coming soon.

Mike Game, Taw Town Heavyweightz- The Saga Continues...

First up is Michael Game, over John Legend's "Green Light"

Mike says,

"So I was wondering what my next would be, should I do another video, or should I just ether their soul or should I diss them in a way they cant come back. So I went with the later. I mean what do you say to a nigga who not only disses you to an R & B song but also sings for most of the song? Clearly he cares nothing about how he's perceived so what can you do to that cat? The answer is... NOTHING. You cant do nothing but hate life."

Mike Game- "Green Light"

Next up are the Heavyweightz. First a Lil Ace solo diss record and then everyone gets in on the action with a song featuring "Mike Game"

Lil Ace- Me So Sawry

Taw Town Heavyweightz ft "Mike Game"- Could Be Worse

Who won this round? Hit up the c-section and let em know.

Monday, November 10, 2008

ICT Hip Hop History

From the left. Bling (Fly Boy Club/ Royalty), J Tong (ICT Hip Hop), Kae Wun (By Any Means), XV (Fly Boy Club/ Royalty), Stringer Barksdale, Mike Game (Illprint), K Will (ICT Hip Hop), Prima Facia,K Sleep (Illprint) Phatboi 2000 (Beazt Mode)

Pic taken at XV's show at Club Liquid Sunday Nov 9th 2008

Big Cliff- Addicted to Money

Big Cliff- Addicted to Money

Yung Drip- "I'm This, I'm That"

Drip says,

"This track is for all them people in the Dub, around the world, and from different planets, who been sleepin on ya boy Drip. This track is for all the people who ever said I was wack, I sucked, or I aint shit. This is a track for my haters to hate on. This is a track for all the people in the city claimin they kings, claimin they the best, claimin they run shit, and dont run shit. CONSIDER THIS A WAKE UP CALL I am undisputed royalty. And Dats Dat"

By the way, I would like to welcome to the site my new partner in blog JTong. He's already been posting helping to insure that this site gets updated on a more regular basis. HAWLER AT HIM!!!

Yung Drip- I'm This, I'm That

Taw Town Heavyweightz- .... You ALREADY know...

Gump Ass Mike Lame

New diss video from TTH.

Yeah, it's really 16 min long...

Mike Game- All types of fuckery

So after the high energy XV show (video and pics coming soon) the TawTown Heavyweightz confront Mike Game in the parking garage... Here's what "happened"....

Sorry, Mike Game dropped some songs the night before also.

and the New Mixtape Reckless Abandon

May the comment war continue....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

TawTown Heavyweightz- Fast Food

After the Mike Game video this is the latest from the TawTown Heavyweightz...

Not sure if its related, but it does make you hungry*

Monday, November 3, 2008

So UniQ- Unique

New Singlay from UniQ

So UniQ- Unique

Oh.. and UniQ says

"A Remix to this track is in the works, and will be shopped to many southern mainstream mixtapes. Anybody interested in throwing 16 on this, contact So UniQ ASAP!"

Vote or Die Trying 2008

Kae Wun votes in advance

Rappers, send me pics with you and your "I voted" sticker and I'll post them on the site. Let your voice be heard.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sez Batters- Fly Boi

Sez adds his name to the list as the second Fly Boy Club member to DISMANTLE this Nike Boots intrumental. Is Seven going to get back in the booth and go in next?


Sez Batters- Fly Boi