Friday, October 31, 2008

XV- 40 Days 40 Nights (Complete)

I'm late but here it is. All 80 Songs in the EPIC 40 days 40 nights series. By the way Vizzy is preforming at club Liquid Sunday Nov 9th. Let's go out and support. See you there.

40 Days
40 Nights


Krash said...

is mac lethal gunna play there to!?

if so that will be sick

ICT Hip Hop said...


No Mac Lethal. I was disappointed too.

I'm gonna be there though, so everybody lets come out. Kick it have some drinks and lets support icthiphop


Krash said...

damn that fuckin sucks and whats the age limit? im only 19 so if im able to im gunna try to make i. plus im gunna try to sell some mixtapes out there, me and my homie just got are shit done

Mike Game: King MC said...

Who the fuck does concerts on a sunday?! Fucking XV and his nonconventional thinking. I may go, but I dont know if my rapper ego will allow me to. Plus, I need confirmation if he'll be performing "Loser Mind" if so, then I am down.