Sunday, January 11, 2009

Corey Jay- They Ain't Ready

Death of The Primadonna coming Jan 20th 2009

Corey Jay- They Ain't Ready


Mike Game: King MC said...

Fuck this song.... Naw, its cool, Im just made that I never put out my 07 mixtape "Mr 07 Til Infinity" cuz me n Sleep demolished this beat. But I like the lil story thats in there Corey Jay. 1 1/2 Thumbs Up (gotta leave 1/2 off, for room for improvement)..... ITS ILLPRINT BITCH!!!

Bruno Almighty said...

i don't think mike game is as bad as everybody makes him out to be sound like to me he gives his opinion on wat he thinks about music i can't even knock him for that i want to here some of the nig mike music so i can judge him on his music at the end of the day this is here to make us better right?...
Bruno Almighy
An i approve this message