Monday, January 12, 2009

ICTs Young Gunz- Real on Real ft Hood Rich and Kool

ICTs Young Gunz- Real on Real ft Hood Rich and Kool


Bruno Almighty said...

ima keep it 100 rookie you got a lot of niggas haten on you homie you doin something right if only thing a nig can do is sit an hate on you. you just didn't start rapping yesterday you have been puttin in work for a min you have beat some of the best nig out of the dub on some battle shit i remember when u beat my nig smoov at the mc adams show. keep doin ya thang when that project wit u an lil ace drop is goin to make the city step they BARS up
im doin a mixtape wit all the hottest artist around the town ima call it B.A.S.S. im get you two on it
Bruno Almighty
An i approve this message
BARS Are Sold Seperatly

Majestic Grump said...

Can't wait to hear your drop. I know it'll be slammin cause you got that nig Hoodrich on it. He was blowing the mixtape scene in Gary Indiana (GI) off the charts. Let us know where we can get all yall drops from so I can be the first to blast em in GI