Friday, January 2, 2009

Young Markie ft Marcus G- We Go Hard

New Markie. Graphic is HOT by the way.

Young Markie ft Marcus G- We Go Hard


Krash said...

That shit hella went hard haha
real talk though.
markie i wanna do some collabo shit with you

Mike Game: King MC said...

"I go hard like all I do is watch porn"...Come December when we talk bout the dopest punchlines of the year, Im going to keep this in mind. Its not the most mindblowing shit ever, but its a hot way to start a fucking verse. Marcus G also perfromed well. APPLAUDS

THIS SONG IS COSIGNED BY THE NADWR (National Alliance for the Disadvancement of Wack Rappers)

Young Markie said...

thnx for da down 4 collabs anytime jus get at me

Bruno Almighty said...

hea markie that song on "the best rapper unsign" im on fire... i put that on my united streets affiliates vol 4 an added my verse to it i could'nt help it my nig that song so hard... that mixtape is the best i have heard latley hands down!

Young Markie said...

thnx for da luv bro we still needa collab on sum shyt 2