Monday, December 1, 2008

Jo Bread- Money Over Everything ft. Kae Wun

Jo-Bread from the Bronx teams up with ICT's own Kae Wun.

Money Over Everything ft. Kae Wun


Mike Game: King MC said...

Yo this is "Im Illy" and for whatever reason auto tune is on it, and its fucking up the vocals bad, or was that the point?

dj3 said...

We made this song happen when we was in myrtle beach and by the way mothafuckas this is 3!!! no anonmous fag shit. joe bread is my nigga, this kae wuns nigga, this is not a gimmick. this is real talk. this nigga is getting over 200 spins in new york a week!!!! this version!!!! this goes back to the real talk that kae wun been telling you'll niggas!! man i represent Wichita, Kansas. And thats all i got to say man...and i fuck with everybody on this site long as you have good music. i will play you'll shit on my online radio show and i need it!!! and i'm not bull shitting you'll..i rep wichita to the fullest. number 1 dj in the midwest, mothafuckas you like it or not it is what it is. i earned it

Stringer B. said...

Is this the right song?????